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Do I Need a Permit for My Skip Bin Hire?

Posted on Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

Are you thinking of moving, building or renovating your home? If your project is going to produce the need for waste disposal, you should consider hiring a skip bin. Before you do, you need to understand a few things about the hiring process. This article will explore in what situations you might need a permit to hire and place a skip bin, and in what situations it’s just fine to hire and place without a permit.


Before contacting your local (eco-friendly) skip bin provider, it’s best to establish what you need it for, where it’s going and how long you need it for.

Answer these questions:

  1. What do you need it for?
  2. What size skip bin do you need for your project?
  3. How long will you need the skip bin?
  4. Will you be putting unsafe items in the skip bin?
  5. Will I need a permit?

On some occasions, a permit will be required.

Permit Tips – From Our Experience

We’re a skip bin hire company in Perth and have had years of experience working with various councils around the city. From our experience, we can give you some pro tips for Perth:

For most councils in Perth, you do not need a permit. The only time we have found you need a permit is if you are placing the skip bin on the road or footpaths.

Permits – Do I Need One? How do I Get One?

If you need a permit, you’ll need to contact your local council. In applying for the permit, the following information will be requested.

  1. Why do you need the skip bin?
  2. Where will it be placed?
  3. How long do you need the skip bin?
  4. Who is your skip bin provider
  5. What type of skip bin do you require?

The process of applying for a permit can vary from council to council, and may depend on the type of property you’re placing the skip bin on, i.e. house, apartment, townhouse. The biggest factor will be the type of bin you need and where it’ll be positioned.

What can and can’t go in a skip bin

When applying for the permit, you’ll be asked what kind of waste you’re disposing of.

What CAN go in a skip bin:

  1. Furniture
  2. Electronics
  3. Construction materials (bricks, rubble, tiles, metal)
  4. Garden waste (trees, branches, stumps)

What CAN’T go in a skip bin:

  1. Asbestos
  2. Batteries
  3. Chemicals
  4. Food waste

If you’re unsure if your waste is permitted in skip bins – contact your local skip bin provider.

Type of skip bin

When you know what type of project you’re working with and how much waste it’ll be producing, you can choose a type of skip bin. The two common types of skip bins are:

  1. Marrel – Household items
  2. Hook – Large-scale projects (i.e. home renovation, demolition)

It’s important to note that any skip bin filled above the rim is a risk and will not be collected by the skip bin provider.

If you need skip bin hire in Armadale, or just have any questions specific to your skip bin needs, contact us today!