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Bonza Bins and the Environment – Green Waste and Recycling

Posted on Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

In a nation that consumes enough to produce over 3 billion aluminum cans every year, recycling is a big deal. Australians take it seriously, and as a family-owned Australian business, so do we.

It goes without saying that we recycle the basics. Products typically associated with recycling include metal, glass and plastics. But what about green waste?

Green waste is one of the largest sectors of the refuse market, with over 7 tonnes of organic food waste being created annually. That’s a ton of material, and if you’re not careful, yours will end up in a landfill, when it could in fact be contributing to our economy!

Not all skip bin companies recycle green waste, but with Bonza, you can rest assured that you’re not doing unnecessary harm to our beautiful nation. Here are the ways your green waste gives back when you use Bonza Bins:

Direct Usage

From our green bins, two types of recycling happens. First, the material is sorted to remove any brick, steel, or other non-organic material. Then, the product is shredded. For garden waste, such as hedge and tree trimmings, the shredded mulch is used directly. Some of it is sold to companies that retail it. Town councils may also give away surplus mulch to home-owners for use in their landscaping.

Organic Mulch

For more diverse “green” waste, composting is necessary. The product is processed, then left to dry before being used as fertilizer. The resulting compost is a natural, chemical free alternative to commercial fertilizers, and helps to produce healthier plants, while removing a huge amount of waste from our environment.

When to Choose a Green Waste Bin

If you have more green material to dispose of than your normal bins can handle, a green waste skip bin is your best option. Rather than requiring a full sort, the material can be delivered directly to a green waste recycler, saving time and money.

So if you’ve got lots of the green stuff, give us a shout! We’ll be over in a heartbeat to deliver a skip. And when you’re done loading it, we’ll whisk it away to where it can best serve Australia and your community.