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A Complete Guide to Recycling Your Mail

Posted on Friday, December 20th, 2019

Despite companies pushing for ‘paperless’ mail, good, old-fashioned paper mail still enters our mailboxes. Occasionally, we receive mail we want, like lovingly handwritten cards and invitations, but most of the time it’s just dreaded bills. Depending on where you live and the local mail-droppers adherence to ‘NO JUNK MAIL’ signs, you’re probably getting a lot of junk mail, too.

Nevertheless, once bills are paid and thanks given to the senders of personal mail, where should you dispose of all that paper mail?


Recycling packaging and envelopes

Our parcels are generally contained in a box or sleeve cardboard packaging. Luckily, cardboard packaging is a very easy thing to recycle. Simply collapse the box or sleeve into a smaller form and pop them straight into your yellow recycling bin.

With plain envelopes, put them straight into your recycling bin. Envelopes with plastic windows, however, generally can’t be recycled. So, remove the plastic film, place it into your general waste bin, and the plain envelope leftovers into your recycling bin. Likewise, padded/bubbled envelopes have the same non-recyclable fate, so in the general waste bin they go. 


Recycling letters and postage stamps

By all means keep letters that hold sentimental value, like a birthday card from your favourite international relative or postcards from travelling friends.

If you’re receiving a letter with confidential information on it though, be sure to shred it before you dispose of the letter. You wouldn’t want your confidential information ending up in the wrong hands due to insufficient waste disposal.

Did you know that postage stamps are recyclable?

So, next time you recycle a plain envelope in your recycling bin, feel free to leave them on.

Alternatively, many people collect postage stamps and charities use them too. Why not gift your postage stamps to your stamp-collecting loved one, or contact a local charity to see if stamps are useful in craft activities?


Recycling junk mail and junk removal

Whether we like it or not, most of us still receive an unruly amount of junk mail from local businesses.

The good news is catalogues, brochures and magazines can all be put in your recycling bin. 

If you want to take it one step further, it’s also smart to invest in a ‘No Junk Mail’ sign or sticker for your letterbox to cut down on the amount you’re receiving. And then just pray to the paperless goods that they actually abide by it!


Recycling is the least we can do for our environment. We all have good intentions, but sometimes we don’t always know what’s recyclable and what’s not. A lot of our mail is recyclable. 

Bonza Bins prides itself on a commitment to a greener future.  All skips are covered and bought back to recycling centres or transfer stations where waste is sorted and where possible recycled. Materials such as concrete, soil, greens, metal, paper, timber are all recycled, lessening the amount of rubbish going directly to landfill.

Need help with environmentally friendly waste management in your home or business? Contact Bonza Bins today for premium South of the River and Fremantle skip bins.

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The Best Tips for Students Moving into a New House

Posted on Friday, December 6th, 2019

Moving house is no small feat. The process can be even harder if you’re a cash-strapped and time-poor student. Whether you’re a student making the big leap and moving out of home for the first time, or just moving from one share house to another, skip bin hire is something to consider.

Students and Waste

Research shows that people aged 18-24 are more wasteful than others. So, the amount of waste you have to get rid of pre-move may be more than your general bin can take.

There are a number of usual causes, including:

  • Long periods without housework or decluttering – leading to much more cleaning waste and rubbish when you do the final clean.
  • House parties – generating even more general waste that needs to be removed.
  • Unwanted furniture and belongings – often passed down or picked up for cheap, sometimes you’d prefer to get rid of it than take it with you.

Of course, this doesn’t apply to all young people, and all students – but being a student out of home does generally mean more independence and bigger priorities than keeping on top of housework. Freedom, self-sufficiency, late nights and stress can take a toll on yourself and your house. 

This is what not to do when managing your waste whilst moving to a new house. 

What not to do with your waste


  • Stack your rubbish on the council verge, including white goods.


You could be prosecuted for illegal dumping so always check verge collection pickup dates.

  • Leave your rubbish for your roommates to deal with.

Even if they rarely helped with the dishes, don’t be disrespectful. If your name’s on the lease, you’re responsible for returning the house in a good condition.


  • Box up your unnecessary waste and take it with you.


Your rubbish doesn’t have to be a burden. Portfolios of old, useless study notes from a unit two years ago do not need to go with you to your new home.


What to do with your waste


  • Declutter


Minimalism is in, so only take essentials and a few homely items on your next move. Some of us are more sentimental than others, but we don’t need to take boxes filled with childhood figurines, photos and scrapbooks.

Leave most of your precious keepsakes at your parent’s house and throw out things you don’t need.

Decluttering before you move is a must. Not only will you have less ‘junk’ when you move, but you’ll also free up more space in your new home.

Your working and living space have a tremendous effect on your mental clarity. As a student, you need to boost mental clarity wherever and whenever possible. So, toss what you don’t need into a skip bin, or give it to someone who would re-use it.


  • Hire a skip bin


Your local Canning Vale skip bins are here to manage your waste and prepare for moving day. Skip bin hire in Canning Vale and across the Perth metro area is the easiest (and legal) way to manage your student waste. Why stress about trying to squeeze things in your bin over multiple weeks when you can split the cost of a skip and get rid of everything in one go.


When moving, it pays to ruthlessly declutter and be mindful of your waste disposal. Contact Bonza Bins today to book a bin for the easy solution to student waste management.

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5 Reasons to Declutter Your Home

Posted on Thursday, October 31st, 2019

Spring cleaning season is upon us, which makes now the perfect time to clear out the clutter and create space in your life!

A clutter-free home is proven to provide plenty of benefits beyond the obvious improved look and general cleanliness of your home.

Read our latest blog to discover five great reasons to declutter your home.


  • Decluttering Creates Physical and Mental Space


Do you sometimes feel like you’re suffocated by “stuff” in your living space?

When we declutter and remove the junk and unwanted items we’ve been holding onto, our physical space becomes lighter, more open and less overwhelming. But not only does decluttering clear your physical space, it also clears your mind.

Your space can have a great impact on your mental clarity. With a decluttered space, there is less around you competing for your attention allowing you to concentrate on the things that are most important.

  1. Decluttering Allows You to Focus on the Important Things

When you make the decision to keep something or throw it out, you’re making the decision on what items are most important to you. This can encourage better purchase-making in the future, allowing you to avoid unnecessary spending.

Further, with greater mental clarity, this can spread and allow you to recognise what the important things are in other areas of your life.

  1. Decluttering Gives You an Opportunity to be Charitable

Clearing out all your unwanted items allows you to donate them to charity. If you have clothes, accessories, homewares or electrical goods in decent condition they can be donated to various charities who will get great use out of them. 

You can donate old blankets and towels to animal shelters, clothes and accessories to homeless and women’s shelters or any other unwanted goods can be dropped off at your local op shop – we bet it makes you feel good too.

  1. Decluttering Makes Cleaning Easier

We all want a clean and fresh space to live in, but cleaning can often feel like an endless chore.

A declutter not only gives you the opportunity for a deep clean of your house, but also reduces the amount of cleaning you have to do later – No more needless clutter collecting unnecessary dust!

  1. Decluttering Saves Space

Ever found yourself struggling to find somewhere to put new things? Perhaps you’ve run out of space from excess clutter.

If you live in an apartment or smaller home, utilising space well is essential. By removing items you no longer use or need, you create space for the new and release your home from a claustrophobic feeling.


If you haven’t decluttered in some time, you might need a heavy-duty bin.

You can hire a skip bin from Bonza Bins and make your decluttering process a breeze. It’s the perfect way to remove unwanted junk! We offer quick delivery and affordable prices and will sort through the waste and recycle where possible.

If you’re looking to hire a skip bin, Bonza Bins offers premium skip bins in Armadale and all across Perth. Contact us to make a booking today.

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Perth’s Southern Suburbs Rank as Some of Australia’s Best Recyclers

Posted on Wednesday, September 11th, 2019

The results are in and Perth’s southern suburbs have topped the list for Australia’s best recyclers!

Data collected from the MyCouncil website found that the Town of East Fremantle and City of Cockburn lead the way for recycling with 61% of material recovered from waste collected, and the City of Fremantle sits at number five with 54%  material recovery.

“As a One Planet council we have a target of achieving a 70%  community recycling rate by 2020, so while ranking in the top five is a terrific outcome there’s still room for improvement,” Fremantle Mayor Pettitt said.

This is an incredible step in the right direction for recycling efforts and becoming an environmentally conscious city as a whole.

Keep reading to find out why recycling is so important and how you can improve your recycling habits.

The Importance of Recycling

There are countless reasons recycling is an important part of our environmental upkeep. The most important part of recycling is reducing the amount of waste going into landfills. When recyclable or organic waste is left to decompose in landfills without oxygen, they produce greenhouse gases that are emitted into the ozone layer and contribute to global warming.

Additionally, proper recycling limits the amount of plastic and waste that ends up in our oceans, destroying marine ecosystems and harming ocean life.


How to Up Your Recycling Game

Want to join Perth’s southern suburbs in being a recycling hero? Here are five handy tips to get the most out of recycling:

  1. Understand what you CAN and CAN’T recycle – Check your local council’s website to get a good idea of what your kerbside recycling collection accepts. You might find there’s plenty you’re missing. Generally, most paper and cardboard are accepted, and some types of glass and plastics.
  2. Compost natural goods – “Recycle” your food scraps by placing them in your garden to decompose and act as a natural fertiliser. It’s good for the earth and keeps food waste out of landfills.
  3. Donate unwanted items – Instead of binning unwanted items or things you no longer need. offer them to friends and family or donate them to your local op shop.
  4. Separate waste from recycled goods – When recycling items, particularly food-related items, ensure any waste like leftover food, baked-on products and excess oil is thoroughly cleaned away. If the recycled items are spoiled, they can be rejected and end up in landfills.
  5. Re-Use – Avoid using single-use products and opt for heavy duty reusable items such as drink bottles and containers.

When in doubt, always remember the 3 R’s:  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Bonza Bins are proud to service Fremantle and we’re dedicated to ensuring your waste is properly managed and sorted. Recycling is incredibly important for our health and the environment. That’s why we make every effort to recycle as much from our skip bins as possible.

If you require a fast, efficient and friendly service with great prices, call Bonza Bins, your Fremantle skip bin provider, on (08) 9331 7271.

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