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Terms and Conditions

The Hirer agrees that in placing an order with Bonza Bins, the Hirer has read and agreed to the conditions as set out here under.

Waste Material

The hirer must ensure that no dangerous, toxic or noxious substances are placed or are allowed to be placed in the bin. This includes but is not limited to asbestos, liquid waste, acids, solvents, food waste, tyres and medical or sanitary waste. If any asbestos is found in the bin, it will be returned to the hirer for correct and legal removal from the bin. The hirer will incur additional charges for reload of bin contents, redelivery and collection of the bin.

Concealment of hazardous waste in bins is illegal and penalties do apply by law.

Bin Overfilling

If a bin is overloaded by the Hirer, Bonza Bins may unload the bin to comply with transport requirements. If this is not practical, the Hirer will be contacted to unload the bin. Any action will be at the sole discretion of Bonza Bins and may incur an extra fee.

Ordering a Bin

Ordering a bin via the website or by phone constitutes an offer to enter into an agreement for the provision of a skip bin by Bonza Bins. On confirmation of the order, you will be bonded by the agreement to purchase the service. In the absence of a written agreement and for practical purposes it is agreed that verbal confirmation shall also be binding.


Bonza Bins will deliver a bin to the Hirers nominated address on an agreed date, however delivery times may vary. Delivery of bin to a third party nominated by the Hirer is deemed to be delivered to the Hirer for the purpose of this agreement. If the request for bin placement is deemed unsafe or impractical, the bin will be placed in a location that is deemed safe and/or practical for the driver. The Hirer shall indemnify Bonza Bins for any damage caused by the delivery (or collection) when clear access has not been made available by the Hirer, as well as damage caused to property, foundations, cables etc, caused when working within the Hirers instructions.

Use of Bins

The Hirer is responsible for knowing and providing details of the waste material being placed into the bin. If the depositor of the waste materials to which these terms and conditions apply is not the Hirer, the depositor warrants the he is authorised to contract with Bonza Bins on behalf of the customer. The Hirer shall not remove, deface or cover up any identifying marks, nor shall remove the bins from their initial location with prior approval from Bonza Bins.

Bin Collection

If a bin is due to be collected on a nominated collection date and is unable to be done so because of blocked access, being overfull or not ready for pick up, the Hirer will incur an additional fee to cover the cost of returning at a later time. The later time will be at Bonza Bins availability.


The Hirer will receive a request for payment at the time a booking is made. Payment is either prior to bin delivery or at time of bin delivery. Bins that have not been paid for by the collection date will not be collected and an additional charge of $10 per day is payable by the Hirer for everyday that the bin is kept beyond the collection date.

Refund Policy

A full refund will be paid on fees if:

Security Policy

Bonza Bins uses a secure server for its online credit card transactions. All transaction data is encrypted and performed under a 128 bit SSL certificate. This is the industry standard for online credit card transactions. If you have any question regarding our security policy please contact Bonza Bins on 93317271.


Any queries or disputes relating to invoices received by the Hirer should be reported to Bonza Bins within 7 days of receipt of the invoice. Should the bin not match the specifications on the order, the Hirer shall contact Bonza Bins with 24 hours of bin delivery.