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Guide to choosing the right skip bin for your project

Posted on Friday, November 6th, 2015

A question that we get asked all the time by our customers is what size skip bin they will need for their waste. Here is a handy guide to answer all your project questions.

Estimating is not easy. All our bins are measured in cubic metres (mᶟ). One cubic metre is approximately one standard trailer load. If you are unsure of what size bin that you need, we recommend going one size larger. People often underestimate the amount of rubbish they have. It is cheaper to get a bigger bin than having the cost of a second bin delivered.

As a guide:

Small bathroom renovation – approximately 3 to 4mᶟ
Small household cleanup – about 4mᶟ
Large household cleanup (including furniture) – recommend a 6mᶟ or above
Kitchen renovation – dependent on size but approximately a 4 to 6mᶟ
Please refer to Bin sizes for photos and dimensions of bins.