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Why Waste Segregation is Important

Posted on Wednesday, April 13th, 2022

Do you struggle to comprehend how one individual can make an impact on the environment? It’s a myth that one individual can do no damage. In fact, the power is with the individual and their choices. Waste segregation is the easiest action you can take to do your bit for the environment. How does it all work? This article will explore why we should sort waste at the source, how to do it and how we can encourage those around us to do it too.

Identifying the Problem 

Who remembers the days of the sole red waste bin? We’ve come a long way in understanding how we can separate our waste, or bring new life to our environment. Without waste segregation, our waste would compound and generate a larger problem for the environment, and the places we call home. To minimise our waste problem, the 4-bin-system was introduced. This system applies both to the average Joe, businesses and collection services. So, which bin does what? How do you use them effectively? 

Which Bin? 



The red waste bin is your standard household, workplace bin for general waste. But the red bin is not for everything. Here is what you can put in the red bin. 



Here is what CAN’T go in a red waste bin. 




The yellow bin is for all your recyclable goods, and must NOT be used as a secondary red waste bin. Here is what you can put in a yellow bin. 



Here is what you CAN’T put in a yellow bin. 




The green bin is for your green and compostable waste. This is the bin with waste items that breed life into our environment. Here’s what you can put in the green bin. 



Here’s what you CAN’T put in the green bin. 




The blue bin is the newest bin, and can sometimes be identified under a different colour. However, most commonly, the blue bin homes soft plastics. Here’s what you can put in the blue bin. 



Here’s what you can’t put in the blue bin. 

Be a Leader  

Our actions have consequences, as much as they can evoke change. While it can be discouraging to see others doing the wrong thing, with education comes power to share and teach others.  Here are our tips for the workplace, and home. 







In conclusion, waste segregation starts with the individual and can have positive knock-on effects with others when handled correctly. An effective waste management system has the power to demystify the process, and makes waste management easy! 


If you are looking to implement a proper waste segregation system, or dispose of heavy waste contact our Bonza Bins team.  Bonza Bins provides the most affordable skip bin service in Fremantle