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Tips to Reduce Waste on a Construction Site

Posted on Friday, January 25th, 2019

On a construction site, there’s a lot to keep track of, and sometimes complex operations and disorganisation result in the loss of materials. This makes recycling products and managing waste difficult to do properly, and consequently create a waste of money and resource. Read on to find out what kind of materials on a construction site can be recycled, and what to do differently to ensure you’re getting the most out of your materials for your project.

What is Recyclable?

Before you begin your next project,  create a list of the kinds of materials you’ll need and how much waste you’ll be producing. With this in mind, reconsider the type of materials and the most efficient way the materials can be used.  

Recyclable materials:

With so many recycled material options available, it’s easy to plan a project around them. However, there are a select few materials that don’t have recyclable options.

Unrecyclable materials:

It’s important to separate these materials from recyclable materials wherever possible.

To save money, consider thinking outside the box. Anything that can be repurposed ultimately saves money and reduces future costs.

Green Design

In the moment, it’s easy and convenient to forget about the proper recycling procedures. Planning ensures that waste can be kept to a minimum wherever possible.

During the design phase of a project, consider integrating a sustainable design. Green design ideas include: choosing sustainable materials, repurposing readily built products, pre-calculating the exact amount of materials needed, and creating a space to store materials on/off-site to avoid theft and damage.

How to Sort Waste with Skip Bins

Sorting through waste on a construction site can be a timely task. But if you want to ensure your materials are being sorted, recycled and repurposed properly, hire an eco-friendly skip bin service. Eco-friendly skip bin services will sort through your materials and recycle accordingly.

However if you’re disposing materials and waste yourself, consider sorting materials throughout your project. Keep one bin for recyclable materials, and another for waste.

For more information regarding waste types visit our website. We are a skip bin hire company in Perth, offering cheap skip bins and excellent customer service. If you need a skip, or  just have any questions about recycling or what can or cannot go in your skip bin, contact us today!