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The Best Tips for Students Moving into a New House

Posted on Friday, December 6th, 2019

Moving house is no small feat. The process can be even harder if you’re a cash-strapped and time-poor student. Whether you’re a student making the big leap and moving out of home for the first time, or just moving from one share house to another, skip bin hire is something to consider.

Students and Waste

Research shows that people aged 18-24 are more wasteful than others. So, the amount of waste you have to get rid of pre-move may be more than your general bin can take.

There are a number of usual causes, including:

Of course, this doesn’t apply to all young people, and all students – but being a student out of home does generally mean more independence and bigger priorities than keeping on top of housework. Freedom, self-sufficiency, late nights and stress can take a toll on yourself and your house. 

This is what not to do when managing your waste whilst moving to a new house. 

What not to do with your waste



You could be prosecuted for illegal dumping so always check verge collection pickup dates.

Even if they rarely helped with the dishes, don’t be disrespectful. If your name’s on the lease, you’re responsible for returning the house in a good condition.



Your rubbish doesn’t have to be a burden. Portfolios of old, useless study notes from a unit two years ago do not need to go with you to your new home.


What to do with your waste



Minimalism is in, so only take essentials and a few homely items on your next move. Some of us are more sentimental than others, but we don’t need to take boxes filled with childhood figurines, photos and scrapbooks.

Leave most of your precious keepsakes at your parent’s house and throw out things you don’t need.

Decluttering before you move is a must. Not only will you have less ‘junk’ when you move, but you’ll also free up more space in your new home.

Your working and living space have a tremendous effect on your mental clarity. As a student, you need to boost mental clarity wherever and whenever possible. So, toss what you don’t need into a skip bin, or give it to someone who would re-use it.



Your local Canning Vale skip bins are here to manage your waste and prepare for moving day. Skip bin hire in Canning Vale and across the Perth metro area is the easiest (and legal) way to manage your student waste. Why stress about trying to squeeze things in your bin over multiple weeks when you can split the cost of a skip and get rid of everything in one go.


When moving, it pays to ruthlessly declutter and be mindful of your waste disposal. Contact Bonza Bins today to book a bin for the easy solution to student waste management.