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Summer Clean Out Made Easy with Skip Bins

Posted on Wednesday, February 20th, 2019

Christmas is well and truly over, but the mess it created is still lingering. It’s not too late to get a jump on all the new year promises you made to yourself. In fact – we have a skip bin for the old you. Check out the five different ways you can use a small skip bin to give your home a proper summer clean out.

Cardboard boxes

Do you have a bunch of leftover cardboard boxes from Christmas? From old appliances, furniture or toy boxes – you name it, it’s probably cluttering your space and cramping your style. They all add up quickly, and before you know it you’ve got a shed full of cardboard boxes that you’re pretending don’t exist. We see you. Don’t hide. You’ll feel much better if you take the plunge and get rid of them in one hit. With a skip bin, you have the power to get rid of all the cardboard boxes – as well as other clutter hiding behind the cardboard boxes.

Old Toys

The toys just keep on coming and coming, whilst the old get thrown to a corner. Embrace Marie Kondo and truly ask yourself whether the toys spark joy. No? OK. It’s time to sort through the old. If you’re not able to donate the toys, use a small skip bin to declutter your space. Remember to use a green skip bin service so that all the toys have the potential to be recycled!

Green Waste  

The easiest way to clean up your outdoor space is to hire a skip bin for all your green waste. Recycled items like grass clippings, leaves and branches are appropriate for a small skip bin, and make the tiring process all that much more manageable!

Big Furniture

New year, new you and some new furniture! You’ve started the year on a high, and you’ve decked your home out with some new big furniture. The trouble is…getting rid of the old furniture. Whilst we understand this can drag your style, there is an easy, and cost-efficient solution: a small skip bin! If Gumtree doesn’t want it, throw your old couch, fridge, mattress or dining table into a green-friendly skip bin. Now with a clear space and a clear mind, you can enjoy your new furniture.

Household Items

Whether you’ve noticed the build-up of household rubbish or not, it’s there, and it’s angry. It’s time to nip it, and declutter your space so you can focus on the more important things in life. Use a small skip bin to get rid of any waste laying about in your home. Don’t think twice, we promise you that you don’t need that duck figurine you picked up on a whim.

Skip Bin Hire

You’ve made it this far, let’s finish the job and start tidying! At Bonza Bins we offer a range of skip bin sizes to fit within your price range, and the length of time the bin is required. Our smallest 3m³ skip bin is just $260 for a 7-day hire! Check out our range, and price list on the website.

Are you ready for your summer clean out? If you need skip bin hire in Canning Vale, or have any questions specific to your skip bin recycling needs, contact us today!