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Skip Bins for Event Waste Management

Posted on Sunday, July 28th, 2019

Are you planning an event? Perhaps your business focuses on events or event management? Well – we’re here to tell you how skip bins can make event waste management a breeze! 

Events like concerts and sporting events often produce a lot of unwanted rubbish. It can be a massive burden on a budget without sufficient planning. Large skip-bin hire services are the cheapest and most efficient way to get your post-event clean up underway! 

Check out some of the factors you need to consider before hiring a skip bin for event waste management. 

How many skip bins should you have?

The reality is that more people will dispose their rubbish at an event if more disposal options are available to them. However this doesn’t mean you need to cover every inch of your event with skip bins and small bins. Get smart about it. 

Consider the needs of the event-goer and imagine the most convenient places, and places someone is most likely to put their rubbish. Popular places to put a small skip bins are near exits and restrooms. This will encourage people to put their rubbish in the bin as they leave. 


Skip bins don’t come in one size to fit all. They’re actually available in a variety of sizes to fit the amount of waste your project is producing. 

Consider these questions when determining what size skip bin you need for your event. 

Once you’ve determined the answers to the above questions you’re ready to rock n roll with your skip bin choice. Music festivals and sporting events are great examples of events that produce a large amount of rubbish.

To solve this you’d want to have a selection of small and large skip bins scattered across the location to encourage people to put their rubbish in the bin. The availability of skip bins on location allows the disposal of rubbish from smaller bins to be emptied quickly and efficiently. 

Bonza Bins Event Waste Management Prices 

At Bonza Bins we offer a variety of skip bin sizes for your event waste management. Sizing may vary depending on the waste type. 

Light waste

Heavy waste

Check out our price and size guide below. Please note that mixed heavy waste bins are charged at heavy waste prices.

Bonza Bins provides a quick delivery service for your skip bin, at cheap competitive prices. For skip bin hire in Armadale – or if you have any questions specific to your skip bin needs contact us today!