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Skip Bin Hire Do’s and Don’ts

Posted on Saturday, June 15th, 2019

Want to get the most out of your skip bin hire while saving money, time, and making your project go as smoothly as possible?

Then read these quick and valuable tips for the do’s and don’ts of skip bin hire before hiring your next skip bin.

Skip Bin Do’s

As we covered in our recent blog on ‘light vs heavy waste’, it’s important to determine the type of waste you plan to put into your skip bin. 

Most big jobs require a heavy/mixed skip which allows for heavy and light waste to be removed. However, some smaller jobs may only require a light waste skip which tend to be slightly cheaper as it is easier to transport and tip so it’s worth considering what type of waste you need removed.

Once you’ve determined the type of waste you’re going to dispose of, ensure you separate it into different waste types to make the disposal process much easier.

You can find out more about waste types here.

Save time and money by making the most of your skip bin and maximising your load.

You can do this by placing the heaviest items at the bottom or breaking down and disassembling some items such as furniture, before putting them in.

Think you might go over the weight restrictions of the skip bin?

Take note of the weight restrictions and discuss your options with the skip bin provider.  

Friendly with your neighbours? Then they make think it’s okay for them to sneak some of their unwanted goods or rubbish into your skip bin too. 

Keep your skip bin within your property and within view as much as possible so you can keep an eye on it.

Skip Bin Don’ts

There are certain items you just can’t put in your skip bin – so don’t.

Current environmental legislation states that the following types of waste are not allowed to be disposed of in skip bins:

      Any materials that may contain asbestos

      Hazardous waste

      Car and truck tyres

      Liquid waste such as paint and oil etc.

      Gas bottles



Whilst you’re encouraged to maximise your skip bin load, you’re also encouraged not to overfill it.

If you fill your skip bin to the point of items being over the rim, your bin may be unsafe for transport. It’s also illegal to transport skip bins that are overflowing.

While it can be tempting to go with the cheapest option, ignore advice and hope for the best, it’s important that you are honest about your waste needs so we can match the bin size with your needs and ensure that once a bin is filled it can be lifted by one of our trucks and transported safely. 

By knowing the waste type it also helps us to better manage what type of waste can go to a particular waste recycling centre or transfer station for sorting. Read more about waste types here.

Now that you know how to get the most out of your skip bin hire while saving money, time, and making your project go as smoothly as possible, you’re ready to order your skip bin.

Bonza Bins, Perth, provides a quick delivery service for your skip bin, at competitive prices. Contact us to enquire about Fremantle skip bin hire or simply book a bin online today.