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How to safely dispose of bulky waste

Posted on Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021

Whether you’re clearing out the house, office or your garden – it’s crucial to correctly dispose of your waste. If waste is incorrectly disposed of, it can negatively impact the environment and harm surrounding wildlife.

There’s a lot of different rules surrounding waste disposal, so it can become confusing for individuals and businesses alike. Keep reading to discover what is classed as bulky waste and how you can correctly dispose of it.

What is bulky waste?
Bulky waste is material or items you wish to get rid of that are too big to fit in your wheelie bin. It can be anything from furniture, electrical appliances and bicycles to carpets, windows and garden waste.

How to dispose of domestic and commercial bulky waste
Waste management is crucial in every Australian household and the community at large. It’s vital to follow strict government laws in proper waste disposal, especially in disposing of bulky waste consisting of dry and wet waste. Here are some ways that you can legally dispose of your bulky domestic and commercial waste.

Donate to charity
A great option for disposing of bulky waste is to donate it at your local charity shop. Get in touch with them to discuss delivery options and donate it to someone in need. Keep in mind your items need to be in good condition.

Hire a skip bin service
Another option for disposing of bulky waste is to hire a skip bin from Bonza Bins. We offer a variety of different bin sizes for all your needs. We accept the following types of waste:

General light waste

Heavy waste

Please be aware that our large  8m³ and 10m³ skip bins do have weight restrictions and are unsuitable to be used for heavy waste.

Arrange a council collection
Many local councils have waste collection services, and you can book a slot with them.  When booking your bulky waste collection, ensure that your waste is suitable to be collected and follows the rules of council collection services

Be sure to contact our team at Bonza Bins to discuss your waste collection needs. The most affordable skip bins in Canning Vale!