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How to Manage Timber Waste Correctly

Posted on Sunday, March 13th, 2022

Are you stuck for ideas on how to repurpose, or dispose of your timber waste correctly? Timber wood is a valuable and versatile wood type. Instead of throwing it in red bin waste, let’s save some trees and learn what is classified as timber waste, and how to safely dispose of it.

What is Timber Waste?

Timber is a popular wood type commonly used to build homes, building structures and furniture. Timber must be cut to size for the intended product, which generates timber waste in the form of timber fragments and sawdust. Often, this timber waste is thrown away out of convenience. However, timber waste has great potential to be repurposed into a variety of products such as furniture and garden wood chips. Instead of throwing away your timber, let’s learn how we can safely repurpose our timber waste. 

Repurposing Timber

Repurposing and or recycling timber is beneficial to the environment. By salvaging timber you protect our natural resources, reduce gas emissions and prevent unnecessary landfill waste. When you recycle timber, you reduce the need for forest logging. Here are a few ideas for you to consider next time you find yourself with some scrap timber. 


  1. Building products – repurpose your timber converting it into building material such as particleboard. 
  2. Furniture – give furniture new life by renovating the piece, or turning scrap timber into a new furniture piece. 
  3. Mulch – spruce up your garden by converting your scrap timber into wood chips. 


While not every use of timber has been noted in the article, it is encouraged to think twice before disposing of your timber waste and be imaginative with what you can use it for. However, if you need to dispose of your timber waste, we have a safe process for you to follow. 

Safely Disposing Timber 

Disposing timber is necessary for building companies, and individuals who do not have a use for the timber waste. Here are our disposal tips.



Alternatively, Bonza Bins provides a reliable and efficient skip bin service for all your timber waste needs. The timber is recycled and or, disposed of correctly. 


In conclusion, timber has the capacity to be repurposed in a variety of ways before it’s taken to landfills. Managing timber waste correctly will reduce deforestation, and support sustainability in Australia. If you are looking to dispose of timber waste contact our Bonza Bins team for assistance.  Bonza Bins provides the most affordable skip bin service in Armadale