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How do landfills work?

Posted on Saturday, December 18th, 2021

Waste is an issue that we will always have to deal with, as humans will never stop producing waste. It’s critical to have different waste management methods in place, both at home and the workplace to protect the environment. Not disposing of your waste properly can result in damaging nature.

Keep reading to discover what landfills are, how they work, and the problems associated with them.

What are landfills?

Landfill sites exist globally. The purpose of a landfill is to designate space for waste to decompose. Landfills are properly regulated by waste management staff who have steps in place to ensure safe disposal.

How do landfills work?

A modern landfill is a highly engineered and regulated pit in the ground that is divided into “cells”. Each cell is carefully engineered to maximise compaction and eliminate potential environmental impacts.

These cells are filled with waste that cannot be recycled including

Certain landfills are licensed for particular waste types, for example not all landfills accept putrescible waste and some are licensed to accept hazardous material like asbestos, while others are not.

How are landfills built

Engineers design landfill cells with six to seven layers of lining to protect the environment surrounding the landfill. These layers protect the ground surrounding the cell. Sumps are then used to collect liquids that are produced as the waste breaks down. 

How is odour managed? 

​​The odours produced by landfills are the result of gases produced by decomposing waste. Most landfills practice common processes such as:

What happens when landfill reaches capacity?

When a landfill reaches capacity, it is “capped” and rehabilitated, to be turned into green spaces such as parks and community grounds. These will be maintained for up to 30 years after capping.

Why are landfills necessary?

Landfill meets a critical infrastructure need – to deal with the waste produced by businesses and households. This waste is projected to increase as populations grow and with current consumer behaviours. Even with improved recycling rates, there is a need for residual waste to be managed safely and effectively.

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