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Handy Recycling Guide

Posted on Friday, August 24th, 2018

Can one person really make much difference? There is a massive misconception that what a single person does has little impact on the environment. But this is simply not true.

One water bottle a day can add up to 365 plastic bottles in a year. That is a massive 10 kilograms of plastic from one person. Now multiply by Australia’s population. That’s a whole lot of waste. But there is a solution. Did you know that plastic can be upcycled to become 20 t-shirts?

So where do you start? We’ve made recycling easy with a handy recycling guide to help make your household greener.


Not all plastic can be recycled, and it’s important to know the difference to ensure you’re not doing more harm than good.

On the back of every plastic item, there should be a tiny number inscribed. That number signifies whether the plastic item can be recycled easily or if it’s hard for a processing plant to handle.



It’s as easy as that.


Glass is 100% recyclable. There is no excuse whatsoever to throw this in the bin. It takes over a million years for a single glass bottle to disintegrate – It should never go into general waste.

The Do’s

The Don’ts



What to do with your metals can be confusing. But if you can – remember that these 4 metals CAN BE recycled.

If you come across items labelled “hazardous waste” they must be handled and disposed of carefully, to avoid endangering the lives of others. Hazardous waste can be:

Do not deposit large amounts of hazardous waste yourself. Communicate with your local council to properly dispose of the waste.

Skip Bins

Skip bins are an efficient way to dispose of large amounts of waste. Projects like home renovations can produce a lot of rubble and need to be disposed of correctly. Look for an eco-friendly skip bin provider to sort and dispose of your waste properly.

If you need skip bin hire in Byford, or just have any questions about what can or cannot go in your skip bin, contact us today!