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Exploring Modern Techniques for Waste Management

Posted on Friday, January 31st, 2020

In history, the (lack of) waste management decreased sanitation, urban living levels and led to widespread diseases. Now, with a growing population and climate change threatening our environment, many people are rethinking our pollution on a global scale, and in the home.

A modern world calls for up-to-date, environmentally-friendly waste management.


Sanitary Landfill

Sanitary landfill refers to the well-designed and engineered set-up to ensure environmental protection. It’s all about the layers:

  1. The bottom layer acts as a liner, preventing underground contamination.
  2. Then there’s the drainage layer.
  3. The gas collection system layer.
  4.  Lastly, the trash itself on top.

Landfill has been a relatively inexpensive and convenient waste management option for some time. However, it’s not the most environmentally friendly technique and not viable for generations to come. 



While it may not sound particularly ground-breaking, recycling is the most common and potentially advantageous waste disposal method, and it’s constantly being refined and improved! It’s great for the environment and provides economic value to the individual and the economy.

Responsible waste disposers will always promote recycling. It’s one of the most environmentally-friendly things you can do when considering waste removal options. Eco skip bin hire companies will separate the waste according to its recycling abilities, maximising the amount that is repurposed and reducing the amount put into landfill.



Composting and Biological Reprocessing

Cheap, easy and natural, composting breaks down organic waste and turns it into rich manure.

Composting your organic waste greatly improves soil quality. Instead of binning your ‘scraps,’ put them on your garden soil, mix it through and see for yourself how healthy it will become.

Similar to composting, biological reprocessing is only applicable to organic waste, such as:

Biological reprocessing helps speed up the natural decomposition, forming a mulch or compost which is fantastic for agricultural purposes.


Incineration and Waste to Energy

Waste reduces by an average of 95% when processed in an incineration plant. It’s great waste management for areas with not a lot of land and there’s no lingering bad smell or methane production.

However, a lot of resources are needed to incinerate waste. On the bright side though, the energy produced can be used for many other purposes.

Waste to energy saves the planet from non-recyclable items. This waste management technique generates heat, electricity or fuel from the waste. The waste to energy technology is a modern alternative to fossil fuels and helps reduce carbon emissions – Bonus!

Constant revisions of waste management techniques are vital for our future. From industrial to residential waste, these modern techniques are great in destroying the majority of our waste, even repurposing it for the better. 

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