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7 Ways to Remove Waste When Moving

Posted on Sunday, February 13th, 2022

Moving house can instantly evoke stress, and bit of an eye twitch! Overtime, it’s easy for your house to fill up with unwanted goods. Here are 7 Bonza Bins tips to make waste removal easy when you’re moving properties.

Rubbish Removalist
If you have unwanted goods or large quantities of waste you need removed, we recommend hiring a rubbish removalist, such as Bonza Bins. Rubbish removalists will recycle, and or dispose of your waste correctly. This service will completely remove the burden from your move, and provide the peace of mind you have disposed of your unwanted goods properly.

Garage Sale
Someone’s trash is another person’s treasure! Keep this in mind before throwing your unwanted goods into the landfill. Before you move house, consider hosting a garage sale to make some extra cash and rehome your unwanted goods. We recommend advertising your garage sale on local social media pages, and putting up biodegradable signs around your neighbourhood. 

Before you sell, donate or dispose of your unwanted goods – have you considered if it can be repurposed? Does your dressing table just need a sanding a new coat of paint? Could your dining table be fitted with new table legs to modernise the piece? Even if you do not plan to keep the piece long term, repurposing goods will extend the shelf life and increase the odds of it going to a new home. If you are unsure of what it takes to repurpose something, we recommend heading to YouTube and researching what other people have done previously to extend the life of their goods. 

Donations help the world go round. If money is not an issue, donating goods is a fantastic way to move your unwanted goods into a new home. Contact local charity shops, or advertise on social media for free. Alternatively, ask around in your own network. You never know what people are in the market for! 

Sell Online
The internet provides a wealth of opportunity to rehome your unwanted goods. Use social platforms such as Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree or eBay to advertise your products. Alternatively, seek out ‘Buy for Nothing’ pages on Facebook to rehome your unwanted goods. We recommend advertising a few weeks before you move to have ample time to move the goods onto their new home. 

Utilise Red Bin
This one is pointing out the obvious, but stay with us. By creating a moving plan, and packing early you can reduce the need for external services. In your plan, make a note of what you need to get rid of before the move, and generate a timeline. Week by week, dispose of your rubbish in either the red waste bin or recycling bin. Future you will thank you. 

Skip Bins

Skip bins are a fantastic option to remove heavy waste from your property before moving. If the red bin isn’t cutting it, hire a skip bin service, such as Bonza Bins to remove your property waste. Skip bins are great for large items such as furniture, electronics and garden clippings. 


In conclusion, moving house doesn’t have to be a headache. Before the move, create your waste plan and move into your new home lighter than before! 

If you are moving house, or disposing of heavy waste contact our Bonza Bins team.  Bonza Bins provides the most affordable skip bin service in Canning Vale.