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5 Common Recycling Mistakes Aussie Homeowners Make

Posted on Wednesday, March 20th, 2019

How often do you look at something and wonder whether or not it can be recycled? Instead of incorrectly throwing materials into the waste bin, let’s get educated on the best recycling practices! Check out everyday recycling mistakes that most Aussie householders make. You’ll never question it again – this guide is that foolproof!

Canned Goods

Canned goods? Only if they’re clean, dry and empty. You’ve come this far, you’re putting it in the yellow bin. You’re halfway there! Finish the job by giving all cans a quick rinse when you’ve finished removing the contents. When cans come to the recycle plant unwashed, they’re unusable. Put in the extra effort and make sure your waste is recyclable – the planet will be a little greener for it!

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are easily one of the most recyclable household items. The bigger the better! However, the recycling plant is unable to process large un-flattened cardboard boxes. Make the recyclers job easier, and flatten your cardboard boxes. By flattening the boxes, you can also squeeze more into the recycling bin – it’s a win-win.

Aerosol Cans

There’s much debate about the aerosol can, but what’s the truth? Technically yes – aerosol cans are recycled as long as the can is empty. If the aerosol can contains product inside of it, it’s considered hazardous waste.

In Western Australia recycle plants have stopped processing aerosol cans because of the explosion and fire risks. For safety, double check with your local council for their policy on aerosol cans. Alternatively, collect the cans and dispose on hazardous waste drop off days. Confirm with your council about their hazardous waste collection days, and or drop off zone.


Soft plastics are a no-go. Soft plastics get caught in the recycle plant machinery and halt production. Soft plastics include bread packaging, plastic bags, tissue boxes, and plastic film. But soft plastics don’t have to go to waste. It’s encouraged to put all soft plastics into the RedCycle bins located at all Woolworths and Coles supermarkets.

Extra tip: Don’t bag recycled goods. Whether the contents inside the bag are recyclable or not, if the contents are bagged they will not be processed at recycling plants.


Recycling paper is simple – recycle away! From books, magazines, newspapers, it’s all recyclable as long as you remove any staples or paperclips that may be attached. However, shredded paper or any contaminated paper towel cannot be recycled.

Easy recycling solution!

Do you have a big project with a lot of recyclable materials? Stop squeezing everything into the yellow bin – get a skip bin! Skip bins are an efficient way to recycle household goods, green waste and building materials. Bonza Bins provides an eco-friendly skip bin service, with a mission to recycle as much as we can process. Never think twice about what you can or can’t recycle again.

If you need skip bin hire in Armadale, or just have any questions on recycling or skip bin hire, contact us today!