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The 5 Most Creative (And Crazy) Ways to Use a Skip Bin

Posted on Thursday, March 15th, 2018

Everyone knows how useful a good skip bin is. One place to put all your junk, no matter what job it came from. It arrives when ordered and disappears when picked up. It’s perfect. At Bonza Bins, we’ve been serving Perth with skip bins for almost 15 years and there’s always been a need – no wonder.

But today, we’ve asked the question – can skip bins go beyond hard yakka?


Well, the answers (there were multiple) were almost too good for words. Here’s what happens when people get creative with Skip Bins.

NOTE: Before we dig in, we do have to give the “please don’t do this at home… and please don’t turn any of our bins into boats or anything else” warning.


Who Wants to Go Swimming?


Why dig a hole in the ground when you can chuck a tarp into the skip bin, fill it up and do a bombie?

Skip Bin Pool Jump (optimised)

Image Credit:

We don’t know where this skip bin came from, but we know where it’s staying: right where it is, because this pool is awesome.


The Good Ship Skip


It started with a skip bin delivery and ended 5 kilometers into the bay. We’re not sure if this person is running away from a reno that went pear-shaped or enjoying their Sunday afternoon but either way, we’re impressed with the engineering. And the paint job (our bins have the same).

Good Ship Skip (Optimised)

Photo Credit:


Skip Pong


This is quite possibly the most indestructible table tennis setup ever. Tired of knocking the table over when you make that diving save? No worries here.

Seriously though, skip bins work so well as table tennis tables that about 100 of them were used for a pop-up project around London. See the photo credit link for more details. Game on!

Skip Pong (Optimised)

Photo Credit:


Skip Skate


This one has almost got us interested in skateboarding! Although if we saw this on the street, we’d probably be more interested in the joinery than the sweet tricks being performed.

Could this be the answer to skateboard property damage? Possibly. Just order a skate skip to a problem area, and it will act like a magnet for all the damage skating can cause to public property. We’ll let you know when we get that business up and running.

Skip Skate (Optimised)

Hunk of Junk


Some people feel this way about their car, but few actually act on that feeling. We can only imagine this is a satisfying sight to the one-time car owner… unless this is a prank!


This also stands as a testament to how sturdy a skip bin really is!

Car in Skip Bin (Optimised)


And When You’re Tired from All That Work


…Grab yourself a coffee from this ‘shop’! Nothing better than fair trade coffee brewed in the same container it was shipped in, right?


This is actually one of several coffee shops built in the Netherlands. The project was meant to make people think about recycling, and the amount of waste people produce. It’s very clever, but we don’t know if we would pop in and stay a while at this coffee stand.

Skip Bin Coffee Shop (Optimised)

Photo Credit:


Well That was Fun


But we’ve got to get back to work! If you do too – and if that work requires a skip bin – just give us a call or visit us to book online. Contact details below.
Bonza Bins
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5 Best Times to Use a Skip Bin

Posted on Thursday, February 15th, 2018

5 Best Times to Use a Skip Bin


Skip bins aren’t just for construction jobs and renovations, you know! They serve those purposes well – and we’ve got a few tips here on how to make the best use of them in those situations – but a skip can save you time and money in a number of other ways.


Here’s our list of the top scenarios in which a skip bin can make your life easier and better.


1. Renovations

Australians love a good renovation – so much so that we even wrote a blog on the topic if you’re interested. Australian renovation statistics are pretty surprising! But if you’re doing a real reno, the waste created is going to present a few challenges in cost and logistics.


Getting rid of waste yourself is an option if you have light waste, but trips to the rubbish dump or sorting facility can get expensive and time-consuming if you’ve got lots of waste or heavy stuff like brick and tile.


For any renovation where you’re tearing something out or replacing tile, floors or wall, most people find a skip bin to be the best waste removal method for cost, convenience, and efficiency. This is why the pros – renovation companies – contract with skip bin companies.


Oh, we almost forgot! If you’re thinking of a renovation, we also have 6 killer tips to save on a renovation in Perth.


2. Moving House

When most people think of moving house, they think of moving belongings. But it’s easy to underestimate exactly how much is sitting in your cabinets, garage and shed that’s simply not worth moving. And getting rid of old white goods (refrigerator, washer, stove etc.) properly and legally can be more difficult than one might think.


Savvy movers will have a skip bin out front of the house where they can easily and ethically (no filling your neighbors’ bins, no trips to the shopping center’s recycling containers) declutter their new homes before ever moving into them.


Here’s a list of ideas for what to get rid of during a move.

3. Spring Cleaning (or Any Big Clean)

What goes for moving goes for the old deep clean as well. Any time you find yourself digging through closets, you’re going to come up with boxes of things that aren’t needed anymore. If you’ve got stuff you’re sure could sell or go to donation, there might not be a need for a skip. If not… well, unless you’re planning on having a garage sale full of dented lamp posts, stacks of old tax receipts and heavily used outdoor furniture, a skip bin may be your shortcut to a successful clean.


After all, no one likes to spend days trying to clean a home and having it end up looking just as cluttered as it did before.


If you’re thinking of clearing some clutter, our skip bin hire in Perth can help. Here are a few tips we wrote up on how to approach a big cleanout.


And if you’ve got verge collection on the mind, that is another valid option – if the timing is right. Read here our list of pros and cons in Skip Bins vs. Verge Side Pickup.


4. Yard Work

How much can you fit in your rubbish bins? Multiply that by eight and that’s probably what will come out of your back and front garden if you’re getting some real work done. Trimming, pruning, renovations or landscaping can and will create enough waste to warrant a skip bin. At Bonza Bins, we take the green waste.

Staring down a garden that’s getting a bit overgrown? Have a read through our spring gardening cleanup checklist. The tips are good for any season.


5. Construction Jobs or Commercial Use

For construction jobs, we may be stating the obvious here. Most construction and reno companies will use skip bins already due to their ability to be placed anywhere, take a wide variety of waste, and leave logistics for the bin hire company to sort out.


But for commercial businesses, skips are less often thought of. Some non-industrial outfits produce a lot of rubbish. Where this rubbish won’t or can’t go in conventional city bins, booking an ongoing skip service out the back can be cheaper than normal rubbish removal.


We Hope This was Helpful to You

Our goal with this article, just like our goal with business, is to make life (and all the junk that comes with it) as easy and convenient as possible.


We hope this blog helped. If you’re looking for a skip bin provider near Perth, keep us in mind.  We serve all suburbs south of the river – our bin hire service extends as far as Fremantle. Contact info is listed below.

Bonza Bins
08 9331 7271

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What Bins do You Need for Your Business (Optimised)

What Bins do I Need for My Business?

Posted on Monday, January 15th, 2018

What Bins do I Need for My Business?


Waste management is one of the basic services needed for any business. No matter your industry or size, you’ll need to dispose of waste.

The questions many businesses might have is just what sort of waste disposal they need.

For your convenience, we have put together a table that may help you answer your questions quickly and easily.


Bin Type                                        Suitable Businesses


Suitable Waste


Bin Size


Rear Lift Bins Any business that just needs roadside collection.

Small-medium offices, workshops and businesses


– Standard commercial or industrial waste


120 – 1100L
Front Lift Bins Somewhat larger businesses and industrial applications.

  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Shopping Centres
  • Distribution Outlets


– Light to medium density general waste


1.5m3 to 4.5m3


Skip Bins Most Commercial, Industrial, Construction, and even Landscaping businesses.

This is the most flexible method, catering to heavy waste streams and diverse waste types.
– General waste
– Mixed waste
– Green Waste– Sand– Concrete

– Rubble

– Brick

– Tile


2m3 to 10m3


Skip Bins for Every Business

No matter your business, a Skip Bin can prove very handy. Whether you’ve got a steady stream of mixed waste (construction, renovations, etc) or have a once-off bunch of waste from a project or cleanout, the flexibility and price of Skip Bins is hard to beat.

At Bonza Bins, we provide bins across suburbs South of Perth. Whether you’re seeking Skip Bins in Canning Vale for a construction project, or Skip Bins in Fremantle for a home renovation, we’ve got you covered.


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How to Keep Your Cleanups Eco Friendly (optimised)

How to Keep Your Clean Ups Eco Friendly

Posted on Friday, December 15th, 2017

How to Keep Your Clean Ups Eco Friendly

Construction waste can lay waste to the environment if not taken care of properly. If not disposed of appropriately, it could even lead to health or workplace hazards.

Whether you’re doing a commercial/industrial or residential project, your junk can come back to bite you and the environment – or your front or back lawn – if you don’t dispose of it in a way that minimises environmental risk.

Here are a number of tips to keep yourself safe and tread lightly on the planet.


Look for Hazardous Items

Certain materials like chemicals, batteries, paints and flammable items need extra care and special disposal. You can’t dump them into regular bins – you’ve got to dispose of them according to regulations. If you don’t know how to dispose of them, contact your local council for help.

This could help you avoid heavy fines and stay away from illegal dumping.

To give you an idea of what falls into the hazardous category, here’s a list of what can and can’t go into a Skip Bin.


Sort Your Waste

This simple tip goes beyond separating hazardous from recyclable from general – it could save you time, money and trouble if you save reusable or sellable items.

Put reusable items like dry pieces of wood in separate containers or under cover so they don’t get damaged during your project.

If you’ve got a lot, consider hiring a few skip bins to help you sort the good, the bad and the ugly. This will save your good materials from damage, your bad materials from taking up workspace, and your ugly (hazardous) materials from contaminating anything else.



Instead of wasting money on buying only new items, why not reuse existing fittings and appliances? Paint old fittings or give them a scrubbing to give them a fresh look. Think about ways to rearrange existing items to make the best use of space. This will save you money on purchases, and reduce the amount of waste you generate.


Ask for Eco Friendly Packaging

Whether purchasing supplies for a commercial or home renovation, ask if the store will put your supplies in eco-friendly material.


Use an Eco Friendly Skip Bin Provider

Seek out a Skip Bin provider who’ll sort and dispose your waste the right way.

At Bonza Bins, we sort and recycle, we take green waste, and we take every care to make your waste disposal environmentally friendly.

Whether you’re looking for skip bins in Armadale for a renovation, in Cannington for a construction project, or in Cockburn for an industrial job, we’ve got an excellent service for you at a great price.


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