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6 Household Items to Get Rid Of Today

Posted on Saturday, April 15th, 2017

6 Household Items to Get Rid Of Today

When it comes to household clutter, it tends to sneak up on us. We often don’t realise that we’ve been hoarding Christmas cards from the past five years until we open a cupboard and end up covered in them.

Throwing things away can be difficult, but here are seven household items you can absolutely throw away today to free up space and declutter your home. We promise you won’t miss them.


Old Toys / Clothes / Costumes

While we adults might be a bit stubborn when it comes to throwing away old items, our kids are notorious for it. Their toy boxes are filled with games they haven’t played in years and their wardrobes are bursting at the seams with old Halloween costumes and clothes that haven’t fit them properly since they were a toddler.

It’s time to put your foot down – throwing away any torn or broken items and donating anything that hasn’t been used or worn for a couple of years will free up plenty of space, likely to be filled with yet more toys and games!


Broken Items

We’re all guilty of holding onto items that don’t quite work anymore, but aren’t entirely useless. Old, fraying wires that only charge your phone 10% of the time, umbrellas that don’t extend fully, chests of drawers that have units hanging out at odd angles, and old suitcases with dodgy wheels and missing handles are all great examples of broken household items that should be thrown in the bin immediately.


Space Hoarders

We’ve yet to find one person who doesn’t have a drawer in their home dedicated to miscellaneous items. Whether it’s wires and cables from a TV set that you owned in 1999 or remotes for a VCR that was long ago taken to the tip, we can guarantee that if you haven’t used it in the 10 years it’s been there, you’re never going to use it. Throw it out and make some space for something you actually need.


Items Lost to Technology

When was the last time you sat in front of your expansive DVD collection and pondered over what film or TV series you wanted to watch this evening? How about the last time you scrolled through Netflix’s Recently Added category? Over the last few years, a lot of household items have been replaced within much smaller technological casings, so take all of your old books, DVDs, VHSs, CDs and mobile phones to your local charity shop and bask in your newly freed up living room space.


Old Hobbies

You might have been dedicated to teaching yourself the drums when you first got the kit, but now it’s four years later and you still can’t carry a beat. Donate your dusty musical instruments, knitting materials, paint canvases, and tennis gear to someone who’ll get some real use out of them and carry on in your search to find a hobby that won’t collect dust.



We’re not saying you need to throw out all of your pots, plates, and pans and spend the rest of your life eating from paper plates, but we are suggesting you take stock of your kitchenware. Whether you’re guilty of holding onto discoloured tupperware with mismatching lids or you have well over 50 mugs and glasses for a family of four, it might be time for you to have a clear out and free up some kitchen space.
Most of the items listed above can be placed in a regular bin, recycled, donated, or taken to a tip, but if you’re considering a more dramatic cleanup or renovation, contact Bonza Bins today to discuss hiring a skip bin!